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Active Vacation On Fruska Gora

Welcome to the heart of untouched nature, a place where adventure meets peace, silence, and the lavish beauty of nature – Fruška Gora. If you’re in search of the perfect destination that combines activities in nature with relaxation and comfort, you’ve found the right place. THE ONE Apartment offers ideal accommodation for all nature lovers and adventurers wishing to explore this magnificent mountain. Surrounded by numerous cycling paths, hiking trails, and possibilities for visiting the adrenaline park within the Mövenpick SPA & Resort Fruške Terme or renting ATVs in Vrdnik spa, THE ONE is your ideal base for an active vacation on Fruška Gora.

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Free Bicycles for Exploration

Upon arriving at THE ONE Apartment, three complimentary bicycles await you, available throughout your stay. This is the perfect way to start your adventure exploring the picturesque Vrdnik, as well as Fruška Gora itself, its flora, fauna, and the rich historical and cultural heritage hidden in every corner.

Health Trail – A Path for Walking and Cycling

For those wishing to first test their fitness, we recommend a leisurely walk or bike ride on the Health Trail, which passes very close to our apartment. The trail begins at the entrance to Fruška Gora National Park. This route is extremely suitable for cyclists of all levels and is ideal for acquainting oneself with the natural beauties of Vrdnik spa. You can also reach the Ravanica monastery, located right in the spa town, only 2 km from our apartment. Vrdnička Ravanica is one of the many pearls of the “Serbian Holy Mountain,” as many call Fruška Gora, which shelters 17 monasteries within its folds, out of the total 35 that were built, but unfortunately destroyed over the centuries. Almost every one of these monasteries preserves the relics of saints and Serbian rulers, including Ravanica, which keeps a part of the relics of the Holy Serbian Emperor Lazar. 

After visiting the monastery and, if necessary, inflating your tires at the place located in front of the monastery itself, you can continue about 1 km to the beautiful Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist from 1777, the oldest in Vrdnik. The church is undergoing reconstruction, and funds for the renovation are still being collected.

Other Cycling Trails

Fruška Gora offers various options when it comes to cycling, and depending on your experience and preferences, you can choose the trail that suits you best. Here are a few popular options:

Stražilovo – Iriški Venac

This trail is about 10 km long and relatively flat, making it ideal for beginner cyclists. The path leads you through forested areas and meadows.

Grgeteg – Popovica

This trail is for those with more experience and conditioning. It is about 15 km long and has more uphill and downhill sections. A mountain bike is recommended for this trail, due to uneven terrain and a greater number of obstacles.

Sremski Karlovci – Crveni Čot

This trail is for advanced cyclists and is about 20 km long. It starts in Sremski Karlovci and ends at the top of Crveni Čot. This trail has many steep parts and turns, hence a mountain bike is mandatory equipment.

Vrdnik – Andrevlje

This trail is about 12 km long and passes through several monasteries and natural beauties. It is mostly flat, but has a few minor uphill sections.

Hiking and Walking to Viewpoints on Fruška Gora

For nature lovers seeking more than cycling trails, Fruška Gora also offers exceptional opportunities for hiking and walking to its monasteries and viewpoints with breathtaking panoramic views.

Walking from Iriški Venac to the Monasteries Novo and Staro Hopovo

From the Information Center of Fruška Gora National Park, a trail leads through the forest to two monasteries, Staro and Novo Hopovo. The total length of the trail is 13km if you decide to visit both monasteries, which is definitely recommended for those who love long walks. If you decide to visit only one monastery, you’ll choose which direction to go.

To the right, immediately after entering the forest, a trail leads to Novo Hopovo about 4.5km in one direction. Almost the entire length of the trail follows a stream that forms a small waterfall at one point. If you’re lucky, in this part of the forest around Iriški Venac, deer, bucks, and especially fawns tend to delight passersby with their presence. In spring, the ground beside the trail is covered with a carpet of anemones, giving the forest a magical appearance. When, after about 1.5 hours of leisurely walking and enjoying the view, you reach the end of the forest trail, you’ll behold the brilliance and beauty of Novo Hopovo Monastery, where one of the greatest enlighteners of the Serbian people, Dimitrije Obradović, began his monastic life in 1758. He took the monastic name Dositej and thus became known in history as Dositej Obradović.

If you decide to start your adventure by turning left, the trail will lead you to Staro Hopovo Monastery, and along the way, you’ll be able to read and learn a lot of useful information about the plant life of Fruška Gora.

Trail from Velika Remeta Monastery

This hiking trail starts from Velika Remeta Monastery and leads you through the dense, lush forests of Fruška Gora. After a few kilometers of ascent, you arrive at a viewpoint offering beautiful views of the entire Fruška Gora and the Danube. To reach the starting point, it’s best to park your vehicle near the monastery and then proceed on foot.

Trail from Sremski Karlovci to Crveni Čot

If you’re looking for a more challenging route, the trail leading from Sremski Karlovci to the top of Crveni Čot is ideal. This trail is longer and has more steep sections, but offers a spectacular view from the top. From the top of Crveni Čot, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Vojvodina, as this is one of the highest points of Fruška Gora. Depending on weather conditions and visibility, you’ll be treated to spectacular vistas:

  • View of the Danube: meandering through the landscape. On clear days, you can see how the river shines under the sun.
  • Panorama of Fruška Gora: From the top, there’s a panoramic view of the forested areas of Fruška Gora, its meadows, and vineyards stretching all the way to the horizon. The green areas and dense forests create an impressive natural carpet whose color changes with the seasons.
  • Sremski Karlovci: Depending on visibility, it’s possible to see Sremski Karlovci, a historic town known for its Baroque architecture, vineyards, and significance as a spiritual and cultural center in the past.
  • Novi Sad: From some parts of Crveni Čot, under favorable weather conditions, you can glimpse parts of Novi Sad, especially the TV tower that dominates the landscape.
  • The wider area of Vojvodina: From this point, visitors have the opportunity to see the wider area of Vojvodina, its agricultural lands, and typical plains landscapes.

Because of all this, visiting Crveni Čot represents an exceptional experience for all nature lovers, hikers, photographers, and everyone who wants to take a moment away from everyday life and enjoy the silence and beauty of nature. This peak is an ideal place for picnics, contemplation, and relaxation, as well as for activities such as hiking and cycling that lead to it.

To start this adventure, you can park at Sremski Karlovci and proceed from there. And visiting Sremski Karlovci is a special adventure in itself! More on that in a future blog.

Adrenaline Park Movenpick Fruške Terme

Ako tražite uzbuđenje i adrenalin, ne propustite Adrenalin Park koji se nalazi u okviru SPA resorta

If you’re looking for excitement and adrenaline, don’t miss the Adrenaline Park located within the SPA resort Movenpick Fruške Terme. This park offers a large number of adrenaline activities, including zip-lining, climbing, and many others (gallery). A visit to the Adrenaline Park needs to be booked in advance.

Kayaking on the Danube: A unique perspective of Fruška Gora

For adventurers who want to experience Fruška Gora from a unique perspective, kayaking down the Danube is an unforgettable experience. Beočin, with its access points to the Danube, is the ideal place to start your water adventure.

In Beočin, you can easily find kayak rentals, equipment, and everything you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or a beginner, there are experts who will help you choose the right equipment and acquaint you with the safety procedures related to kayaking.

The Danube in this area flows calmly, allowing for easy paddling, and is ideal for all levels of experience. You can choose various routes, from short, several-hour-long rides to all-day adventures that lead you to hidden beaches, fishing villages, and isolated islands.

From the water, the view of Fruška Gora is nothing less than spectacular. You can expect panoramic views of the mountain slopes, green forests descending all the way to the Danube, as well as vineyards and monasteries hidden among the hills.

As you gently move along in your kayak, you’ll have the opportunity to see various bird species that live along the river, as well as other wildlife. The Danube ecosystem is home to many protected species (white and black storks, herons, ospreys, water lilies…), making this ride an educational experience.

For a break, don’t miss the opportunity to rest on one of the numerous sandy beaches along the coast. These natural oases of peace are perfect for picnics, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the silence and sounds of nature.

And definitely, don’t forget your camera! Kayaking provides unique opportunities for photography, whether you want to capture landscapes, sunsets, or moments of adventure on the water. Kayaking on the Danube offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Fruška Gora and the Danube from an entirely new perspective. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful vacation in nature or are eager for adventure, this experience will surely delight you and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Explore Fruška Gora on ATVs: An Adventure Awaiting in Vrdnik

ATVs offer a unique opportunity to explore the harder-to-reach parts of Fruška Gora, providing adventurers with an unforgettable experience. ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) are ideal for touring the diverse terrains of Fruška Gora, from forested trails to open meadows and vineyards. Here’s how you can plan your adventure:

Where to Rent ATVs?

Right in Vrdnik, near THE ONE Apartment, is the Rent A Quad company, with excellent ATVs and staff that leads you on an adventure. We recommend booking your ATV in advance, especially during the tourist season, to ensure availability.

Which Trails to Explore?

Fruška Gora offers plenty of trails suitable for ATV rides, each offering a unique experience and view of the beautiful landscapes. You can drive through the forest, go to nearby lakes (Pavlovačko, Borkovačko, Bešenovačko…), numerous vineyards, or viewpoints with spectacular views.

Riding ATVs through Vrdnik and its surroundings offers an exciting adventure and a new way to experience the beauty of Fruška Gora. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner, this experience will provide you with adrenaline, freedom, and unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the opportunity to complement your stay at THE ONE Apartment with this unique adventure.

Final words

Whether you’re a fan of cycling, adrenaline sports, or hiking, Fruška Gora offers diverse options for every active vacation lover. Let THE ONE Apartment Fruške Residence be your starting point from which you’ll explore all that this beautiful mountain has to offer!