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Frequently Asked Questions

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Reservations and Cancellations

How may I book the apartment?

You can send your booking inquiry directly through our secure and user-friendly online platform, ensuring you access the best available rates. To reserve your stay at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, simply click on the “Reservations” section, select your preferred dates, and fill in the required information on the contact form. Your reservation inquiry will be forwarded to our email, and you will be promptly informed about the apartment’s availability for your chosen period. Should you have any specific requests or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We are here to assist you in organizing a perfect vacation in the heart of Fruška Gora.

Our apartment is situated in the idyllic setting of Vrdnik, merely steps away from Fruške Terme, making it the perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and enjoyment in the natural beauty and benefits of thermal springs.

What is the cancellation policy?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we understand that plans can sometimes change. Therefore, we have adopted a flexible cancellation policy that allows you to adjust your travel plans without stress. Since no prepayment is required for your stay, we kindly ask that you inform us of any cancellations at least 48 hours (two days) before your planned arrival date. This policy enables us to offer our guests the best possible availability and services while maintaining the flexibility needed for an unforgettable vacation experience.

To cancel or modify your reservation, simply contact us via phone or email. We recognize the importance of flexibility in today’s dynamic world and strive to accommodate your needs in the best possible way.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we look forward to being part of your journey to Vrdnik, offering an unforgettable vacation close to Fruške Terme, where nature and relaxation await at every turn.

What is the price per night?

The price per night at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence varies depending on several factors, including the number of guests, length of stay, and the dates of your holiday – whether it involves weekends, holidays, or weekdays. To provide you with the most accurate and favorable offer that suits your needs, we kindly ask you to send a direct booking inquiry through our website or contact us via phone or email.

Our pricing policy is designed to offer flexibility and tailored options for every guest, ensuring you receive the best value for your vacation experience. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, family holiday, or an adventure with friends near the magical Fruške Terme, THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence is the perfect base for exploring Vrdnik and its surroundings.


At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, our goal is to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible, offering exceptional accommodation close to Fruške Terme, where you can enjoy the harmony of nature and relaxation.

Prices and Payments

What payment methods are accepted?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we understand that each guest has their preferences when it comes to payment. Therefore, we offer flexible payment options to ensure that your booking and stay are as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. We accept two main payment methods:

  1. Payment to the account before arrival – This option allows you to easily complete the payment before your arrival, ensuring a quick and efficient check-in process. All necessary information for the account payment will be provided to you after you confirm your reservation.
  2. Cash payment upon arrival – If you prefer personal payment, we offer the option to pay in cash upon arrival at the apartment. Please note that this option is available exclusively for cash payments.

Our aim is to make the payment process as simple as possible for all our guests, providing customized options that meet different needs. Whether you choose to pay to the account or in cash, we will ensure that all information is clear and readily available, ensuring a worry-free start to your vacation near the magical Fruške Terme.

For any additional information or assistance regarding payment, feel free to contact us. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we look forward to providing you with exceptional accommodation and service that exceeds your expectations.

Is a deposit required and how is it returned?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, our approach is based on mutual trust and respect. We understand the importance of feeling secure and comfortable during your stay, which is why we have decided not to require a deposit from our guests. We believe that everyone who chooses our apartment for their vacation or short stay will treat the space with the same level of care and attention as they would their own property.

Our philosophy is to build relationships based on trust with our guests, hoping this will strengthen their decision to happily return to us. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, each guest is treated with the utmost degree of hospitality and respect, aiming to make your stay experience unforgettable and make you feel at home.

There is no need for a deposit return since we simply do not request one. Our desire is to make the booking and staying process as simple and enjoyable as possible, without unnecessary complications or concerns.

If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding your reservation, our team is always available to provide support. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we eagerly await the opportunity for you to enjoy the charms of Vrdnik, Fruške Terme, and Fruška Gora, guaranteeing an experience that will inspire you to return.

Accommodation and Amenities

How many people can comfortably stay in the apartment?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, our main goal is to provide comfort that meets all our guests’ needs. We are proud to say that our apartment can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, making it an ideal choice for families, groups of friends, or couples seeking comfortable accommodation in the heart of Fruške Terme.

For more detailed information on the accommodation features and special amenities our apartment offers, we warmly recommend visiting our “About Us” page. On this page, you can discover more about the unique characteristics that set THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence apart, as well as additional services available to make your stay even more pleasant.

Our apartment is thoughtfully designed to provide the optimal combination of style, comfort, and functionality, allowing you to fully enjoy your stay and explore the beauties of Vrdnik and Fruška Gora.

For any additional information or assistance with booking, do not hesitate to contact us. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with an unforgettable stay experience.

What amenities does the apartment offer?

THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence is equipped to provide our guests with exceptional comfort and an unforgettable experience. With a wide range of amenities designed to meet different needs and preferences, our apartment is the perfect place for those seeking exclusive accommodation near Fruške Terme.

Our guests can enjoy numerous amenities, including, but not limited to:

  • A fully equipped kitchen for self-catering
  • A spacious living room with modern entertainment systems for moments of relaxation
  • A bedroom with spacious and comfortable beds
  • A modernly equipped bathroom with a washing and drying machine
  • Free Wi-Fi access to very high-speed optical internet (500 Mbps)
  • The latest technological conveniences (Smart Home automation of the facility, Smart Lock System, and Google Assistant for voice commands)
  • A spacious terrace with a modular corner seating set / two sun loungers oriented southwest with a view of Vrdnik spa


For a detailed overview of all the amenities THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence offers, we cordially invite you to visit our “About Us” page. Here you will find a complete list of amenities and services available in our apartment, as well as additional information to help you better plan your stay.

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, our mission is to make your stay as pleasant and carefree as possible. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat for relaxation or an adventure in exploring the beauties of Vrdnik and Fruška Gora, our apartment offers the perfect base for all your needs.

For any additional questions or specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we eagerly look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your unforgettable experience.

Location and Access

How can we reach the apartment with our own transport?

Reaching THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence with your own transport is very straightforward, thanks to its ideal location. Our apartment is located within the condominium complex Fruske Residence, in the Gorocvet building which also houses the Fruske Residence reception. Therefore, if you are using a navigation system, we recommend entering “Fruske Residence” as your destination, which will direct you to our apartment without any issues.

For guests who have previously visited the Fruške Terme hotel, we further facilitate arrival by instructing that THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence is located in the building opposite the hotel’s garage. This reference makes finding our apartment exceptionally simple for those already familiar with this popular destination.

For additional assistance and directions, do not hesitate to contact us before your arrival. It will be our pleasure to provide you with all the necessary information to ensure you arrive at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence without any difficulties, starting your vacation worry-free.

Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities, and we look forward to hosting you in the heart of Fruška Gora, providing the perfect place for rest and relaxation near Fruške Terme.

Is there a possibility of transportation to and from the airport?

Yes, at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we understand the importance of hassle-free travel from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure. Therefore, we are pleased to offer airport transfer service, available to all our guests for an additional charge. This service is designed to provide you with comfort and ease upon arrival and departure, eliminating any need for additional transportation planning.

To take advantage of this service, simply indicate in the note when sending your booking inquiry that you require transportation to and from the airport. This will allow us to organize all the details before your arrival and ensure that your journey to and from THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence is as comfortable as possible.

Please provide all necessary details about your flight, including the date and time of arrival, as well as the flight number, so we can adequately plan your transportation. Our goal is to offer you personalized service and make your stay with us unforgettable, starting from the very moment of your arrival.

For more information about the transportation service, as well as any other services we provide, feel free to contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and make your stay at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence as pleasant and carefree as possible.

Does the apartment have parking space available for guests?

Yes, at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we understand the importance of securing your vehicle during your stay with us. Therefore, we have provided one free parking space within the facility where the apartment is located for all our guests. This amenity allows you to enjoy your stay without worrying about additional parking costs or the security of your vehicle.

The parking space is monitored by security cameras and has access control. This service is part of our commitment to providing top-notch service, comfort, and security for all our guests, making your stay with us even more enjoyable.

For any additional information about parking or any other service we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer your questions and help you make the most of your time spent at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence.

Stay Rules

Is smoking allowed in the apartment?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we strive to provide all our guests with a pleasant and healthy environment during their stay. Therefore, smoking inside the apartment is not allowed in order to ensure fresh and clean air for all guests. We understand the needs of our guests who smoke, hence smoking is permitted on the open terrace.

This policy allows us to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and freshness of our accommodation, while simultaneously providing a space for guests who prefer smoking, without affecting the comfort of other guests. We kindly ask all our guests to respect this policy for the health and well-being of everyone staying with us.

Are pets allowed?

As we ourselves are owners of two lovely cats, we understand how important pets are as family members and how challenging it can be to organize travel without them. However, after careful consideration and a desire to ensure a comfortable and safe stay for all our guests, we have decided that pets are not allowed, so we have never brought our cats to our second home.

This decision was made with the aim to preserve the high standard of cleanliness and hygiene of the apartment, as well as to avoid potential allergic problems for other guests. We understand this may be disappointing for pet owners, and we sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

For those traveling with pets, we are happy to help with recommendations for pet-friendly accommodation nearby, allowing you to enjoy your stay in Vrdnik with your four-legged friends. Our team is here to provide you with all the necessary information and support.

For additional questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are always ready to help and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Is it allowed to organize parties and celebrations in the apartment?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we are part of a community that includes both private apartments and those within the Fruske Residence facility. Out of respect for the house rules and the desire to maintain a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere for all residents and guests, we must inform you that organizing parties, celebrations, or any loud events is not permitted within our apartment.

We understand that gatherings with friends and family are an important part of life and celebrating special moments, however, our priority is to ensure a peaceful and comfortable stay for all our guests. This policy helps prevent potential inconveniences and ensures that all guests can enjoy their visit without disturbances.

For those wishing to organize special events or celebrations, we are happy to assist you in finding suitable venues or halls nearby that specialize in such occasions. We will gladly provide recommendations and assist in planning your special moments, ensuring your celebration is successful and memorable, while respecting the needs and comfort of all guests.

For any additional questions or assistance with organizing your event, do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to make your stay at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence as enjoyable and carefree as possible, respecting the rules and regulations that contribute to the well-being and comfort of all our guests and those living around us.

Special Requests

How can we request special requirements such as a baby cot or an extra bed?

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we strive to accommodate the special needs of our guests to make their stay as comfortable as possible. If you require a baby cot for your infant, kindly indicate this request when sending your booking inquiry. Our aim is to provide comfort and safety for the youngest members of your family, ensuring they have an adequate space for rest. It is important to note that we currently do not offer the option of extra beds, so we kindly ask you to plan your stay in accordance with the available capacities of our apartment. Your satisfaction and comfort are of utmost importance to us, and we look forward to making your stay as pleasant as possible.

General Information Related to Our Location

What are the main attractions to visit in Vrdnik and the surroundings of Fruška Gora?

Vrdnik and the surroundings of Fruška Gora offer an unforgettable experience for all visitors, abounding in natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and relaxing wellness centers – Movenpick SPA Fruške Terme, Hotel Premier Aqua, and Hotel Termal. THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence is located in close proximity to these hotels, making it the ideal place for accommodation while exploring the region.

Fruške Terme: Just a few steps from our apartment, Fruške Terme is a top-notch wellness and SPA center offering a variety of spa treatments, pools with medicinal thermal water, saunas, steam baths, a salt room, and the first nudist SPA in Serbia, making it the perfect place for relaxation and revitalization.

National Park Fruška Gora: This national park is a treasure for nature lovers, with hundreds of kilometers of marked trails for hiking and biking. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, rich flora and fauna, and clean air.

Monasteries of Fruška Gora: Fruška Gora is also known as “Serbia’s Holy Mountain” due to its Orthodox monasteries. Visit some of the 17 monasteries dating from the 15th to the 18th century, where you can enjoy peace, spirituality, and art.

Wineries of Fruška Gora: The region is known for producing quality wines. Visit local wineries, participate in tastings, and discover why the wines of Fruška Gora are highly esteemed among connoisseurs.

Vrdnik Tower: This historical building is one of the symbols of Vrdnik. Located on a hill, it offers a magnificent view of the surroundings, and its ruins testify to the rich history of this area. The tower is an ideal place for history enthusiasts and those who wish to enjoy panoramic views of Fruška Gora. The tower can be reached from our apartment after about ten minutes of easy walking.

Make your stay at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence even more memorable by exploring all that Vrdnik and Fruška Gora have to offer. For more information and recommendations, feel free to contact us or request more information when booking your stay.

Are there any special events or festivals in Vrdnik throughout the year that should not be missed?

Vrdnik and the surroundings of Fruška Gora are known for numerous cultural and sports events that attract visitors from all over the country and abroad. One of the highlights is “Tour de Fruška,” a cycling marathon held every year in spring, offering participants a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauties of Fruška Gora through different trails.

In addition to “Tour de Fruška,” Vrdnik and Fruška Gora host other significant events:

Wine and Brandy Festivals: These festivals, held every summer and autumn in Vrdnik or nearby (Irig and the village of Rivica), are gatherings of the best local wine and brandy producers. Visitors have the chance to taste and purchase products while enjoying a rich cultural and artistic program.

Vrdnik Summer (from June to September) is a period when Vrdnik becomes the center of ethno culture, showcasing the richness of Serbian tradition and customs through music, dance, and various workshops.

Each of these events has specific dates, which may vary from year to year, so it is advisable to check the current events calendar on the official websites of the Vrdnik or Fruška Gora tourist organization for the most accurate information.

Participating in these events offers not only the possibility for fun and relaxation but also for getting acquainted with the local culture, tradition, gastronomy, and natural beauties that Vrdnik and Fruška Gora have to offer.

Fruške Terme

What are Fruške Terme and what services do they offer to visitors?

Fruške Terme, located in close proximity to our apartment, is a modern wellness and spa center nestled in the heart of Fruška Gora. For guests seeking accommodation near, THE ONE Apartment offers unique comfort and amenities, ideal for complete privacy after exploring all that Fruške Terme has to offer.

Services provided by Fruške Terme to visitors include:

Wellness and Spa Center: The center offers a wide range of spa and wellness services, including saunas, steam baths, Turkish baths (hamam), massages, facial and body treatments, as well as special wellness programs designed to promote health and well-being.

Thermal Pools: Fruške Terme is renowned for its thermal pools with medicinal mineral water, which has beneficial effects on the skin, muscles, and joints. Visitors can enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, suitable for relaxation and recreation throughout the year.

Adrenaline Park: For adventure seekers, the Adrenaline Park, one of the services offered by Fruške Terme hotel, provides excitement and fun from heights, with various activities that test courage and physical readiness.

Are prior reservations required for using services at Fruške Terme?

Yes, prior reservations are required for using services at Fruške Terme. To ensure your spot and avoid potential waiting times, we recommend booking all services, whether it’s wellness and spa treatments, use of thermal pools, or special activities such as the Adrenaline Park, in advance. This will allow you to maximize your time, planning your stay according to your personal preferences and schedule.

Is free use of Fruške Terme facilities included in the accommodation price at THE One Apartment Fruske Residence?

The accommodation price at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence does not include free use of Fruške Terme facilities. THE ONE Apartment is a private accommodation, offering comfort and privacy in the heart of Fruška Gora, while the services of Fruške Terme are available to all our guests at the current price list of this wellness and spa center. Guests of THE ONE Apartment are advised to plan their activities and services they wish to use at Fruške Terme in advance, including the need for prior reservations, to fully take advantage of everything this destination has to offer.

Natural Beauties and Activities

What are the recommended walking or hiking trails in Fruška Gora National Park?

For all nature lovers and active vacation enthusiasts, Fruška Gora National Park offers a multitude of beautiful walking and hiking trails that lead through dense forests, over green meadows, and past numerous springs and monasteries. To experience the best of this magnificent natural environment, we recommend visiting the blog on our website titled “Active Vacation in Fruška Gora,” where you will find detailed information and guides for some of the most beautiful trails.

A few trails that we particularly highlight include:

Trail to Vrdnik Tower: This easy trail is ideal for family outings and offers spectacular views of the surroundings, as well as the opportunity to explore the historical Vrdnik Tower.

Monastery Path: For those interested in culture and history, this trail connects several monasteries located in the park, providing insight into the rich spiritual heritage of Fruška Gora.

Brankovac – Strazilovo: Popular among hikers, this trail leads to the monument and grave of the famous Serbian poet Branko Radicevic, offering challenging terrain and stunning landscapes.

For more information about trails, hiking tips, and recommendations for the best nature experiences on Fruška Gora, visit our blog “Active Vacation in Fruška Gora.” There, you will find everything you need to plan an unforgettable adventure in nature, whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk or challenging hiking.

Discover the charms of Fruška Gora and create unforgettable memories in nature, enjoying the comfort and hospitality of THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, your ideal base for exploring all the beauties this national park has to offer.

Where can bicycles or equipment for other outdoor activities be rented?

For guests of THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence who wish to actively explore the beauties of Vrdnik and Fruška Gora, we offer the exclusive possibility of using 3 free bicycles, ideal for touring the surroundings. This option allows you to immediately start your adventure, without the need for additional rentals.

For those who prefer electric bicycles or need additional equipment for outdoor activities, the Fruške Terme hotel and rent-a-bike option in Vrdnik itself offer additional possibilities.

For more information about outdoor activities, rental options, and recommendations for exploring Fruška Gora, we highly recommend visiting our blog titled “Active Vacation in Fruška Gora.” There, you will find detailed guides, tips, and recommendations that will make your stay unforgettable, whether you’re a fan of gentle recreation or seeking adrenaline-filled adventures.

At THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for all our guests, offering not only comfortable and luxurious accommodation but also opportunities to fully take advantage of everything Fruška Gora has to offer.

Cultural-Historical Landmarks

Which monasteries of Fruška Gora would you recommend for a visit?

Fruška Gora, known as “Serbia’s Holy Mountain,” is home to numerous Orthodox monasteries dating from the 15th to the 18th century. These monasteries are not only spiritual centers but also guardians of Serbian history, art, and culture. For visitors of THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, here are a few monasteries in Vrdnik and its immediate vicinity that are definitely worth visiting:

Monastery Vrdnik (Ravanica): Located in the very heart of Vrdnik, this monastery is also known as “Vrdnička Ravanica”. Founded in the 16th century, it serves as a place of peace and spiritual rest. Its rich history and beautiful fresco-paintings make it one of the most significant monasteries in the region.

Monastery Novo Hopovo: Known for its impressive frescoes and rich history, Novo Hopovo is located just a few kilometers from Vrdnik. This monastery was built in the 16th century and represents one of the most beautiful examples of Serbian medieval architecture.

Monastery Grgeteg: Nestled in an idyllic wooded landscape, Monastery Grgeteg dates back to 1471. Its renovated church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, and the interior features an iconostasis painted by the famous Serbian artist Uroš Predić.

Monastery Staro Hopovo: Although only ruins remain of this monastery, Staro Hopovo offers visitors a unique insight into the past and the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding nature. Founded in the 15th century, this monastery was an important spiritual center and a gathering place for many Serbian writers and artists.

For those interested in exploring more about the monasteries of Fruška Gora and their significance, a detailed guide will soon be available on our blog titled “The Spirituality of the Serbian People Told Through the History of Fruška Gora Monasteries”. This guide will provide additional information, historical facts, and visiting tips, allowing guests of THE ONE Apartment to experience the spiritual and cultural heritage of this region in the best possible way.

Are there museums or historical sites that tell the story of Vrdnik and Fruška Gora?

Vrdnik and Fruška Gora are rich in cultural and historical heritage, and visitors can explore places that are imbued with stories from the past of this region. For guests of THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, here are a few recommendations:

Mining Museum: Today, Vrdnik is known as a spa town, but few people are aware that there once was a lignite coal mine in this small Vojvodina village. In honor of that often-forgotten but significant era in the history of this picturesque place, a museum has been opened to display the development of mining on Fruška Gora. Visitors can learn more about mining techniques, as well as the life of miners throughout history.

National Park Fruška Gora – Information Center: Although not a museum in the traditional sense, the Visitor Center provides a wealth of information about the natural history, biodiversity, and protected areas of Fruška Gora. Exhibitions and educational programs offer an interesting and informative look at this unique area.

Local Cuisine and Wines

Where can we try traditional dishes and wines characteristic of the Fruška Gora area?

For guests of THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence who wish to explore and enjoy the authentic gastronomic delights of Fruška Gora, here are a few places we warmly recommend:

Wine House “Kovačević”: Known for its premium wines and food prepared exclusively from locally sourced ingredients, Wine House “Kovačević” is a place where you can satisfy all your senses. The beautiful ambiance, delicious food, friendly staff, violin sounds, and appearances by renowned chefs awarded with Michelin stars are just part of the phenomenal offerings of this place.

Ethno Restaurant “Vrdnička Kula”: If you’re looking for an authentic experience, this restaurant, located a hundred meters away from THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, is the right place for you. With a homely atmosphere, music from Srem tamburitza players, and specialties prepared according to traditional recipes, you’ll feel right at home.

Winery “Deurić”: Situated on the picturesque slopes of Fruška Gora, Winery “Deurić” offers wine tasting of premium wines produced from grapes grown on their own vineyards.

Are there organized wine tasting tours in the wineries around Vrdnik?

Yes, there are organized wine tasting tours that take visitors through some of the most renowned wineries of Fruška Gora. These tours provide a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the tradition of viticulture and winemaking in the region, with the chance to taste a variety of local wines. Here are a few wineries known for their tasting tours:

Winery “Kovačević”: One of the most prestigious wineries in the region, “Kovačević” offers organized tastings of its premium wines, with expert guidance through the vineyards and production process.

Winery “Deurić”: Known for its elegant wines and beautiful estate, “Deurić” offers tours and tastings where you can enjoy views of the vineyards and surroundings. They even offer a wine school with a lecture by a certified sommelier.

Winery “Matalj”: “Matalj” is a family winery that produces wines from grapes grown on its own vineyards. Their wine tastings are well organized and provide a detailed insight into their philosophy and approach to winemaking.

For accurate information about organized wine tasting tours, including availability, prices, and reservations, it is recommended to contact the wineries directly or visit their official websites. Additionally, tourism agencies in the region often offer packages that include visits to several wineries, which can be a great way to explore the wine scene of Fruška Gora without the need for your own organization.

If you are staying at THE ONE Apartment Fruske Residence, you can also count on our assistance in organizing your wine tasting tour, as our primary goal is to make your experience on Fruška Gora unforgettable.