Vrdnik Tower: The time-honored guardian of Fruška Gora Mountain

Vrdnička kula ulaz

From a Roman watchtower to a medieval fortress, Vrdnik Tower today serves as a unique time capsule unveiling the dynamic history of the Srem region. Join us in exploring this fascinating cultural-historical monument and discover why Vrdnik Tower is an essential landmark on the map of your stay at THE ONE Apartment Fruške Residence.

Active Vacation On Fruska Gora

šuma na Fruškoj gori

Welcome to the heart of untouched nature, where adventure meets tranquility, silence, and the lush beauty of nature – Fruška Gora. If you’re looking for the perfect destination that combines outdoor activities with relaxation and comfort, you’re in the right place. THE ONE Apartment offers ideal accommodation for all nature lovers and adventurers who want to explore this beautiful mountain.